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 The Politics of Arrogance


The Mahathir Mean Machine trudges on with the first sodomy charge against DSAI notwithstanding that Sukma, Dr   Munawar and Mior have filed detailed sworn affidavits sweeping aside
such banal allegations. Perjury charges are levelled against Sukma,   Mior and Azmin for their audacity to tell the truth. I have never   witnessed nor read of such heights of arrogance in any civilised nation of recent era. But thats what 18 years of unfettered idol-worship of a vile despot does to you as a nation. The despot can no longer differentiate the voting public from his UMNO minions:   he treats both with equal distaste. ~ C.I.A REFORMASI

                                I am no longer bothered with his   ant-brained UMNO serviles who licks the ground his shadow falls   on.   Nor am I any more concerned with his business cronies whose only   claim   to business prowess is the ability to be soulless morons to his   well known financial sidekick and unsurpassed pirate. But I am   concerned   with our brothers and sisters of the general public who are still of the other inclination. What still moves them to support such a   man when their yet unborn generations will still be paying for this   despot's excesses. Do they say, "Grandson, you should be proud   to live in a bankrupt and debt- ridden nation because it was bankrupted
  for a great man?!".

                              The judiciary, the courts and the   police will trudge on to fulfill the arrogance of one man, a pathetic,   74   year old sick and dying man, who in any civilised nation and   government, would be the height of irrelevance, but sadly in   ours,   allowed to display his unfettered heights of arrogance? Whither   Malaysians? Are we still honestly proud to be one? ~ C.I.A REFORMASI

  Wassalam .