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Assalamu'alaikum ikhwah dan akhawaat and best regards to members of
other religions. ~C.I.A REFORMASI

     Much has been said regarding PASís policy of women being leaders, as MPís or ministers.

     Certain Islamic women organisations, such as the Sisters in Islam, perhaps are among
      those who love to critisize PAS on it. But it still remains just a matter of opinion

     Leaders of these sort of organisations might want to ask themselves the question why
     they wish to acquire the state of leadership in community. I believe that their answer
     will be that they could not trust the men (anymore) in conducting their state of affairs
     for them, based on the records set by these male leaders on previous occasions, and
     thus they (the females) believe that they can deliver better than those men.

     Or it might merely be that these women are just so much interested in politics and

     Whatever the reasons, we must not rule out the possibilities that they too can be as
     good (or as bad) as their fellow male politicians.

     As far as Iím concerned, PAS leadership themselves have not come out with a clear
     ruling on this matter, except for some ďhintsĒ which might lead to different
     interpretations and perceptions. PAS, likewise UMNO, will obviously be depending
     on the women voters so much that they will surely be extra careful in making any sort
     of sensitive remarks regarding those who stand for half the the amount of votes in the
     election. This we clearly understand.

     But the irony is, why are we suddenly interested in PASís policy on this matter,
     whereas the same subject has never been brought forward on the same level of
     magnitude when it comes to UMNO, DAP and the rest? Or am I sensing a double
     standard here...

     Or is it the Islamophobia crap that has been bugging most of us, regardless of
     religious affiliation...I may not know. Will it be the same for DAP if there were to be
     running around town a Buddhaphobia or the PBS with a  Christianophobia?

     NTV7 might regard this as an important issue for them to be  discussing it seriously
     once on the air where Hajah Elani Ishak (UMNO), a Sister of Islam and a prominent
     PAS member were to be the panelists.

     Apart of all this blind criticisme on PAS on this issue, nobody  seems to be interested
     to wonder why UMNO themselves has only one female cabinet minister and only a
     few female MPís on their side. The same goes for DAP and the rest.

     Well, as I see it, Islam has recognised certain specific rolls of women in society.
     Women in Islam are never obliged (not prohibited) to be a leader of a society unless a
     society of their own sex. In other words, it is not compulsory for them to attain such
     high position such as ministers or MPís which requires mingling around with quite an
     extensive number of men in most of their time. Some society might not see it as
     immoral, but it is so in Islam. And I personally believe that that is to be the main
     reason for PAS not to encourage such a behaviour among itís female members.

     But still, PAS might react exactly the same as what UMNO or the rest are or planning
     of doing pertaining to this issue if it comes to power. It should not be that big of a deal
     though. In fact, I feel that PAS should not busy themselves at all to answer any of
     such baseless prejudice based on mere phobic fear. Just get on with your work as
     usual, and heads on with real issues, my brothers (and sisters too) in PAS! ~C.I.A REFORMASI

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