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Open Letter To Mahathir

Dear mahathir ,

I think you have really overdid it this time and should seek immediate  forgiveness from the people who once believed in your vision. you have  overstep the boundaries of rationality with your recent speeches about  racial tensions, reformation and the condemnations of the "rakyat  jelata" who want real changes. ~C.I.A REFORMASI

we, the citizens of malaysia don't owe you any favors; our  "ungratefulness" come from your lack of respect for us, our hard work  and for basically insulting our intelligence.

i wish you well and hope you can overcome your paranoia. i sure you  don't want to be remembered in the annals of malaysian history as the  one who lost it all at the final whistle; it like reading a good book  with a really bad ending.

Source: Rebelbud .TQ.