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 Dr.Mahathir is living in his own world

"Mama, Dr.Mahathir is living in his own world. In his world everything is alright; people still love and admire him, he is the hero of the third world nations, there is no poverty in the country, every body
listens to his words." Thus said my teenage daughter one night recently while watching some tv 'news'

 How so very true her saying is. Dr. Mahathir sees the world around him with his own eyes. There is nothing wrong with it. Not wrong if you are not the prime minister. Prime minister should see the world not only with his own eyes but with the eyes of the people too. ~C.I.A REFORMASI

Dr.Mahathir measure people with his own sets of measurements and standards. Anyone does'nt agree with him is wrong. His perception of every thing is absolute, there is no other way. Any thing that is not
agreeable to him is not right. Every one must conform to his ideas because his are the only right ones. So, are you surprised when he ridiculed the Ulamas? Sacked and humilated his deputy? Blamed the West for the collapsed economy?

Dr.Mahathir thinks that he is not responsible for anything that goes wrong. Things went wrong because they were not done according to his ideas or ways. Don't people know that his ways and ideas are the only right ones?!

Dr.Mahathir doesn't understand why people want him to resign. To him he is the only one who can rule the country. Without him the country will be chaotic. Don't blame him or call him arrogant, he cannot see it any other way!! Just as you and me see cats as cats and dogs as dogs; Dr.Mahathir sees cats as dogs and vice versa, and he thinks he is the right one. Can you blame him?!~C.I.A REFORMASI

Dr.Mahathir may have gone senile or has some missing nuts in his mental faculty. Too bad, he is still the prime minister. He is very powerful because some people made him so. It is a very sad and frightening situation. If these people who made Dr.Mahathir strong and powerful would be honest enough and own up to him that they see cats and dogs as they are(I leave it to you to interpret this sentence), Dr.Mahathir is left as toothless aging tiger with some bolts missing.

Since 2nd sept.98, the country and the people have never been the same. The government has been practically stripped naked and exposed in public revealing all the warts, tattoos, yaws and all the revolting stuffs. The good, discerning and wise people wretching with revulsion at the gory
sights. It is obvious that the people entrusted to run the country are not well and very sickly. They should be replaced by those who are well and healthy. It is no easy task to convince those sick people that they are not fit to hold the offices. But send them to sick bay we must do. It's a grave violation to ones dignity to be led by a bunch of degenerates.~C.I.A REFORMASI

Those sychopants and self-made fools have the ideas that Dr.Mahathir is still okay. Some of their views:

   (i) Dr.Mahathir assertion that Anwar is morally rotten is true!Dr.Mahathir's failure to produce 4 honorable witnesses, is not reason to not to beleive him. Never mind if the Quran demands that. How could you be so sure that Anwar did'nt do it when you cannot be sure that he did'nt do it?! They asked you. You try talking sense with people of this kind of mental ability!

     (b) All those court evidences which did not support the prosecution's case(tilam, DNA, Sukma, etc) are the work of those who are symphatetic to Anwar! They failed to abide to Dr.Mahathir's orders!

     (c) The prosecution lawyers did a marvellous job breaking the defence case by changing the charges at the last minute; leaving those arrogant defence lawyers 'mati kutu'! Ha! Ha! Ha! They laughed!

      (d) Those Reformist bastards should be shot and beaten to death; they idolised Anwar and they made the tourists and investors stay away from the country!!

      (e) People who are anti Mahathir and anti government are traitors and not gratefull for all the things that the government have done for them!

These people never read anything else other than the 'news papers' we used to read before 2nd Sept,98. and they watch national tvs for 'news'!!

If we can improve the mental ability of these Mahathirites to our level of thinking, our struggle for better Malaysia is realised soon!!

Dr.Mahathir is not relevant, the people is relevant!!
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