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The Dogfather

  Kuala Lumpur (16 March) : Peace Hill Film Productions is planning to embark on two major projects this year.

  According to insiders the first movie will be a local remake of  the Al  Pacino hit, "Dog Day Afternoon". This film is likely to be shot on  location at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. World renowed film director,  Frederick Raymond Unsworth (FRU) was reported to have flown in
  last  Saturday and held talks with the Dang Wangi OCPD. It is reliably  learnt  that some 500 real policemen from various units will be used as extras.~C.I.A REFORMASI

  The second mega project is codenamed, "The Dogfather". Officials are  tight lipped about the whole matter. Nevertheless, OSA News managed to  tap a secret phone conversation between company officials. It is  rumoured that some big names in the Malaysian entertainment
  industry are  currently undergoing thorough DNA screen tests. A company executive  speaking off the record hinted that AR Noor, Abdullah M, SAC Moose, G  Patel and the Irrelevant Paulus are negotiating on the fees. It is not  known, however, if the lead actor of the smash apocalyptic war
  movie,  "Reformasi Now" would make a cameo appearance.~C.I.A REFORMASI