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               Mahathir’s Cover Up on Police Brutality

    It does not make sense that a special police investigation team on the police brutality on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim did not indicate the individuals responsible. Such a simple investigation took them more than 2 months to be conducted and a further 1 month before the Attorney General was able to make the report public. What is so difficult about finding the culprits whose responsible for the beatings on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, even a Form 3 student can do it. Usually in the police
lockup, at least one policeman would be on duty there 24 hours a day. They would take turns according to their shift. If you enter Bukit Aman there will be three security posts if you wish to enter the main building where the IGP office is. Every Malaysian know that the Royal Malaysian Police have lots of personnel for security purposes.

For the Bukit Aman lock-ups, definitely a few policemen will be on duty 24 hours a day. This is obvious as they would not allow any Tom, Dick and Harry or any police officers or policemen to enter these lock-ups freely. For officers (especially the Special Branch and the CID) who need
to see the captives, they would need to sign in their names in the register. So what happen on the night of 20th September or the early morning of 21st September after Datuk Seri Anwar was arrested? The police department in charge of the Bukit Aman lock-ups would have a list of
roster duty of their staff. Why is it so difficult to find whose these policemen on duty. Even if the police personnel who beat Datuk Seri Anwar did not sign in by abusing their power, surely these guards on duty would be able to identify them. Why such a simple investigation took more than 2 months and yet not conclusive. Surely Datuk Mat Zain who’s leading the investigation had not done his job properly, and yet we heard that his been appointed to a very high Director of CID post, where in fact he should be demoted.

Why did Tan Sri Rahim Noor resign? Such a man with a strong personality and high ego would not succumb to such humiliation. Surely a man with such attitude would not want his career to end in this way, with a short and shoddy hand-over ceremony after so many years in the limelight. There could only be two reasons. One is that he is trying to be that scapegoat for Mahathir by accepting all responsibility for the beatings on Datuk Seri Anwar; and the other is that he is the culprit

It would not make sense if any other police officers down the line were the culprits and Tan Sri Rahim Noor was trying to defend them. It would be silly for him to accept the humiliation in this way. By accepting full responsibility in this way, the whole Malaysian police has been tarnished.
Rumours have been going around that he himself is the culprit. The rumours were so strong about him being the culprit because he never really defended the police at all after Datuk Seri Anwar’s brutality. Before Anwar’s arrest he was the one who was always
in the news, after Mahathir of course, giving press conferences here and there. But immediately after Anwar’s brutality he never came out again in the news – my question is why chickened out and where is his professionalism. Surely as the number one policeman he should make some statement about the beatings on Anwar.

If he did not do it why not clear his name and make public the lower rank officers. In this way the whole Malaysian police force would save their face and he himself would be able to bring back dignity to himself. By resigning it does not mean it’s the end of the matter and Malaysians can close the case. We demand for justice to be done and an independent Royal Commission of Inquiry should be set up for investigating the case again. After all the police themselves had been given their chance to investigate and they blew it. There is no reason for the investigation to be given to them again. In fact the Prime Minister himself should resign for doing a shoddy job at the Home Ministry.

~True Malaysian.